Lead Crystal

Charging and commissioning requirements.

  1. Initial charging current to be 0.3C ( IE 30 amps for each 100 A/H)a.This requirement is important and must be adhered too at all times.
  2. Bulk charging voltage is 2.45volt per cell @ 25°C (14.7 v for a 12volt block)a.Charging below this rate will result in partial charging and void any warranty.
  3. Absorption charging voltage is also to be 2.45 volt per cell @ 25°Ca.This should continue until the tail current reaches at least 0.03C (IE 3 amps for a 100A/H battery).
  4. Float charging voltage to be set at 2.26667 volts per cell (IE 13.6 volts for a 12-volt block) @ 25°Ca.The current should be monitored to ensure it does not exceed 0.01C (IE 1 amp per 100 A/H in the battery circuit). b. Extended high float current will result in dehydration of the product. Extreme cases will result in a badly swollen product.
  5. Temperature compensation on extended float voltage must be adhere too as extended float charging at high temperatures will have an effect on battery hydration levels.
  6. Batteries that are used in float applications must be cycled to at least 50 % DOD on a bi-monthly basis.a.This is a warranty requirement from the manufacturer.
  7. The manufacturer insists that the user or installer must prime the battery set by cycling it 5 times and equalising the bank installation before commissioning the system.
    1. If the installation consists of only one block then the battery must be fully cycled 5 times to 50% DOD and recharged as per specifications.
    2. The procedures are set out in the installation manual of the manufacturer.


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