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Standby UPS  & Security

The Deltec Lead Crystal range is designed to offer you reliable, maintenance-free backup power for multiple Renewable Energy applications, especially when frequent deep cycles are required  or  where visits remote sites are infrequent.

Features include:

  • Battery life – Lead crystal batteries have a battery cycle life of 3 100 (charge, discharge) cycles depending on the Depth of Discharge (DOD). This means you get far more cycles at a faster charging rate.
  • Temperature resistance from -40ºC to +65ºC.
  • A greener option – Lead crystal batteries emit no mist or harmful gaseous emissions, as the basic electrolyte is neutral and non-corrosive.
  • State of the art lead crystal battery technology
  •  This all subject to correct charging rates of 0.3C bulk at 2.45 VPC and daily 4 hour absorption.

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