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At Deltec Energy Solutions, we do more than just sell renewable energy solutions to improve today’s energy supply demands in South Africa. We believe you can manage your  energy consumption independently. Our team are here to help you ascertain suitable choices, superior quality and the latest battery technologies.

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DELTEC Energy Solutions strive to offer the best choices in Renewable energy. Our passion stems from being a respected lead acid battery supplier to embracing cutting edge battery storage technologies within South Africa.

Our Values : Driven by passion, we strive in being reliable, resourceful and responsive.

  • Engage with our clients
  • Our trained consultants are here to ascertain your energy requirements and provide sustainable energy solutions.
  • Regionally, we offer a comprehensive product listing, carefully researched and accredited as the industry leader in batteries and renewable energy
  • Provide training and technical support
  • Take the step forward by building a greener tomorrow with us
  • We run on batteries

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Know how to jump start a battery?

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What our clients are saying

I just wanted to say the replacement of the batteries has made a massive difference to our system. It is charging and holding the charge much more readily, which has been great as we have only been seeing the sun intermittently over the past weeks. The joys of solar power in the mistbelt.
Richard Lechmere-Oertel, North Hills Church